Ni-Cd AA 600 mAh 24 Pack
Ni-Cd AA 600 mAh 24 Pack

AA NiCad Solar Light Batteries 600mAh 24 pack

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AA NiCad Solar Light Batteries 600mAh 24 pack

Interesting Facts about Solar Batteries

Solar light batteries are low capacity rechargeable batteries. The small solar panels on your solar light can only produce a low amount of energy from the sun each day. Low capacity cells are used so that the solar light batteries can be fully charged in a day and ready for use that night. If too high of a capacity cell was used the solar panel would not be able to charge the solar light battery enough for the solar light to work.

The solar light batteries in your solar light should indicate a "mAh" rating on the label. The mAh stands for milliamps which is how much energy the battery can hold. The more milliamps the battery holds the longer your solar light will run at night.

There are two main types of solar light batteries Nickle-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Nickle Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh). Either battery should work in your solar light. As long as the capacity of the solar light battery you are replacing is similar to the old one with your solar light will charge the solar light battery with no problem.

Most solar lights come with batteries already installed. These solar light batteries have a life span of two to three years of good performance. If the solar lights are starting to go dim this is mainly due to the batteries in the light needing to be replaced with new solar light batteries.

Most solar lights have a battery compartment cover that allows easy access to the solar light batteries. If you do not see a battery compartment then the solar batteries are inside the light and you will need to disassemble the light to access the batteries.

If your solar light seems to be performing poorly, you can test it by temporarily replacing the solar light batteries with normal alkaline batteries. If the solar light returns to its normal brightness it is time to get new solar light batteries. If the light still does not function then the solar light is defective.  Be sure to test your solar light in a dark room so that the light sensor will trigger the solar light to turn on.  If the solar panel is small enough, you may also try covering the sensor with your hand.

At Flipo, we recommend that  you replace AA cells with no higher than 1200mAh batteries. If you have AAA Solar Light Batteries you can replace the cells with up to 350mAh batteries. There are exceptions as some solar lights may have a larger solar panel allowing for more energy to charge a higher capacity battery.  Refer to the instructions that came with your solar light for details.

If you have any questions please feel free to give one of our representatives a call and we will be glad to help you determine the battery you need.


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