RonDonJuan and the Wingmen There I Said It
RonDonJuan and the Wingmen There I Said It

RonDonJuan and the Wingmen There I Said It CD

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"There I Said It" CD RonDonJuan and the Wingmen

RDJ’d latest release of “There I SAID IT” and its self-titled single “There, I said It” is that of true Americana/Country and blend of Rock-n-Roll. It’s timeless, and likely will soon become classic. The songs are a blend of wit, humor, pain, passion, and ‘gosh darn’ good, pure fun. They have been released with an ecstatic reception from fans around the globe, from Tokyo to Atlanta, and Miami to Stockholm. The premise is just pure fun “If we are not entertaining, then we just suck” Says RonJuan. DonJuan chimes in and says “We hear it all the time that our videos and live show energy is infectious and fun, even though song subject matter routinely enters conflicted territory”. “We are entertainers first”, chimes in RonJuan. So jump in with the “Wingmen” and join the Party before you’re the last to know. Listen Loud, Play Often, and Join the Wingmen!

RonJuan and DonJuan have created a different approach to the way they believe consumers will purchase and listen to music and buy into the lifestyle that is associated with that band, and become lifelong fans. With DonJuan’s entrepreneurial marketing approach, by the way who has been featured on Danny Deutche’s The Big Idea, as well as in such media as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, E! DISCOVERY CHANNEL Teamed with RonJuan’s incredible, catchy, well-crafted hooks and entertaining song writing, these two are destined for heavy rotation on your playlist traveling with you in many ways, and pure stardom. We want you to get plugged in, or rather clicked in because these two have long since moved beyond the confines of music industry tradition and are creating their own path to success. Come on; Listen Loud, Play Often, Join the Wingmen!

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